This section sets out the steps to take when someone is dying or has died and is to be buried in the Slocan Lake Green Burial Ground.

Speak to the Cemetery Manager if you have any questions.

1. Telephone us at 250-505-6472 to let us know that a burial will be needed either in the next few days or in the foreseeable future. The Cemetery Manager will confirm that the person meets the eligibility requirements and check whether a Right of Interment has already been purchased for this person.

2. Meet with the Cemetery Manager to review the principles of Green Burial and pay the grave opening (and possibly closing) fee and the plaque fee. If a Right of Interment has not already been purchased you do this now.

3. Once the death has occurred, book a date with the Cemetery Manager, providing the approximate time for the burial. Complete the top part of the form entitled Authorization to Allow Interment and give it to the Cemetery Manager. The Manager will then complete the bottom part of this document called the Permission to Inter, and provide you with a copy. The Manager will also arrange for the opening and closing of the grave.

4. Obtain a Disposition Permit from the Vital Statistics Agency. A cemetery cannot bury a body without a Disposition Permit. If the Thompson Funeral services are being used in Nelson, the funeral director will typically complete the paperwork involved in applying for this permit. In the case of a home funeral, Last Wishes Society helps with all the End of Life paperwork.

5. Ensure that the body of the deceased is kept cool and not treated with chemical preservatives. Last Wishes supports with this.

6. Choose clothing for the deceased that is free of any non-biodegradable material.

7. Choose a shroud or container that is made of biodegradable material. The Cemetery Manager can help you find a suitable source.

8. A Transport Permit (Last Wishes) is required for the person who will be driving the vehicle with the body. If the services of a funeral parlour are being used, the funeral director will have obtained this permit. The SL Green Burial Society will arrange for transporting the body from the vehicle to the grave site.

9. Plan the burial/memorial. Please look at our reminders when you are planning your burial ceremony.

See also this information from the government of British Columbia.