Right of Interment (ROI)

(or Burial Rights)

Making a Reservation

Persons making arrangements for a burial in the Cemetery purchase the right to be buried, as opposed to purchasing a specific plot. Also known as ‘right of interment,’ (ROI) these can be purchased on a ‘pre-need’ basis (i.e. before a burial is needed) or an ‘at-need’ basis (i.e. when a burial is needed).

Essentially, a Right of Interment represents a contract between the purchaser and the Slocan Lake Green Burial Society (SLGBS) that entitles the purchaser to have whole body remains or cremated remains interred in a vacant plot in the Burial Ground. Ownership of the land remains with SLGBS.

Buying ROI’s on a pre-need basis allows people to learn about natural burial, and choose it, when they are free of the stress that comes with the death of a loved one.

Eligible for burial in the Cemetery are (note: this may be subject to change):

  • residents within 120 km by road from New Denver.
  • preference given to New Denver residents, and those within 60km of the village.
  • this means: full- or part-time residents of New Denver, past or present;

Unlike the process in a conventional cemetery, a person purchasing burial rights does not select a location in the Burial Ground. With a standard burial plot, that is, a plot for the remains of one person, the location is assigned in a sequential manner, so that the land can be left undisturbed after the burial to encourage the return of native vegetation. As a result, it is the Burial Ground Manager, not the family, who determines the location of the burial site, and this determination is not made until it is time to exercise the burial right (ROI).

Burial rights cannot be purchased online. Instead, they must be purchased in person or by telephone. Contact us to arrange a purchase of an ROI.