Things to consider when planning a burial at the Slocan Lake Green Burial Ground

Ours is a rustic, country cemetery

  • Parking close-by is limited. If you are planning a large gathering please ask people to park on Denver Siding Road or inside the lower cemetery and upper cemetery.
  • Save the closer parking spaces at the very end of Denver Siding for family and people with mobility issues.
  • There are no washroom facilities at this point.
  • There is little shelter with limited space at this point.
  • During the summer it can get extremely hot.
  • In the winter we need to organize snow removal, potentially. Please advise attendees to come prepared.
  • The ground is uneven. Please watch your step. The Green Burial Ground is not a traditionally landscaped cemetery.
  • Limited seating is available at the temporary covered Gathering Space. People might choose to bring chairs.
  • Memorial Plaque. SLGBS is legally obliged to have a record of everyone buried in the cemetery. This is achieved using plaques on the memorial boulders.