Eligibility & Fees

This Community Burial Ground is designed primarily for residents

of the local Slocan Lake community, as the burial ground is small. This goal is achieved through criteria that limit some eligibility and a modest fee schedule. We reserve the right to make changes as we gain experience in managing this small burial ground in New Denver.

Eligible for burial are residents within 120 km by road from New Denver with priority given to New Denver residents (past and present) and locals within 60 km from the village. For applicants from further afield who would like to be buried here due to personal connections to the area, please make your wishes know to the board of directors. The SLGBS is in the process of clarifying eligibility of those not currently living in the area but who have previously lived here or have family here.

We want the cost of burial services to be affordable to all. As a result, the fees charged are limited to covering remuneration of the Burial Ground Manager for the provision of cemetery services, expenses relating to administration, and the cost of keeping the property safe for locals and visitors. There is no intent that the burial ground operations should make a profit, and any surplus at the end of a year is set aside for years when expenses exceed revenues, as well as attempt to assist those locals who are not able to provide the basic costs of their burial.

The Schedule of Fees for the Burial Ground details the cost of the various burial services. The Schedule of Fees is reviewed annually by our Board of Directors and is subject to change at any time. Anyone wishing more information should contact the Slocan Lake Green Burial Society.